"Education is development!" is a slogan that has become true in the village of Ihushi in northern Tanzania.Through various training initiatives, tailored to the needs of different groups, the villagers have seen tangible results.Today there is new hope that "life can improve in our village".

It is the villagers' own organization, Ihushi Development Centre (IDC), which has focused on training for young people, improvements in pre and primary school education, training for women's groups, environmental consulting, micro-credit programs, HIV/AIDS activities, etc.

The Swedish association Friendship with Ihushi (Vänföreningen Ihushi) has colla-borated with IDC from the start.

The association serves as a dialogue partner with the basic principle that it is IDC that sets goals and decides what should be achieved within an agreed budget. Friendship with Ihushi then contributes with advice for this to be possible, and also with financial support.

About Ihushi Development Centre

The initiative to Ihushi Develop- ment Centre (IDC) was taken in 1999 by Emmanuel Buguba. He was convinced that it is of utmost importance to support the youth and give them vocational training for a good start in adulthood.

It started very simply, Emmanuel gathered a group of young people in his home...


About Friendship with Ihushi

Friendship with Ihushi (Vänföre-ningen Ihushi) is based in the village of Torsåker (in the county of Gästrikland, Sweden), and recurrently has 115 members from all over Sweden. Chairperson is Inger Wibergh, who started the association in 1999.