Friendship with Ihushi

Vänföreningen Ihushi

Friendship with Ihushi (Vänföreningen Ihushi) was established in 1999 to promote mutual contacts between Sweden and Tanzania – by building upon the friendship that already existed between some individuals in Torsåker and in Ihushi. Today, Friendship with Ihushi has 120 members from across the country. The board consists of Lage Bergström, Eva-Britt Dandanell, Ylva Derfer, Birgitta Lindgren, Jan-Erik Magnusson, Ulla-Britt Norlin and Inger Wibergh (chair person).

In the years since 1999, we have worked closely with Ihushi Development Centre (IDC) in order to support their efforts to promote development in Ihushi and neighbouring villages. The financial support has been based on contributions from Forum Syd and Sida (Lake Victoria Initiative) in combination with donations from members and other supporters.

At home in Torsåker we have given information about living conditions and development efforts in Tanzania, starting from the situation in Ihushi. Friendship with Ihushi has organized "thematic days" and "Africa Evenings" and we have participated in courses/seminars/briefings etc arranged by others, including Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Globala skolan, Färneboskolan and Västerbergs

Folkhögskola, Rotary, Lions and others. 

In May 2013 we also participated in the conference "The School Meets the World" in Stockholm. Read more.

At the "Torsåker Fair" (Torsåkers Bygde-marknad) the first Sunday in October we usually participate with information and sales, including craft products (such as batik and baskets) from Ihushi.

On three occasions, groups from Ihushi have visited Torsåker. These visits have been very valuable for enhancing mutual understanding and facilitate cooperation.

Inger Wibergh and Ylva Derfer

Jan-Erik Magnusson

Eva-Britt Dandanell

Ulla-Britt Norlin and Birgitta Lindgren