Rights-Based Approach

The rights-based approach is based on human rights as a universal and human moral foundation, protected by international legal frameworks.

The rights perspective is one of the foundations of Swedish development cooperation, and is strongly emphasized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Sida. Since a large part of the support for Ihushi Development Centre (IDC) has been funded through Sida contributions, we have committed ourselves to using a rights-based approach.

In 2014-2015, Forum Syd worked on developing a study material on the rights-based aproach and invited some organizations to participate in a reference group to report their experiences and describe some concrete examples of how the rights perspective was applied in their work. Lage Bergström represented the Friendship with Ihushi in the reference group.

As a contribution to the reference group's discussions, Lage wrote a paper on analysis and examples of the rights perspective in our work, "Rights-Based Approach at Ihushi Development Centre", which can be downloaded here.