Branch in Kisesa

In 2013 IDC opened a branch on the outskirts of the township Kisesa, on the main road between Mwanza and Musoma, a place that is easily accessible to those who live in Kisesa and in surrounding villages. The signpost says that:

we sell building materials

we sew and embroider clothing,

we manufacture and sell furniture

The pictures on the sign shows a solar panel and a rain water tank. The idea is that inside the buiding there will be information about solar energy and how to build rainwater tanks. In addition a shop and a classroom.

On the site therelsalso a café and a  carpentry workshop.

The idea of the branch is that it will work as IDC's window to the world. It will both promote IDC's services (for example the construction of rainwater tanks) and offer goods for sale, primarily goods produced at

the vocational school, but also other things,

read more here.

The café is primarily intended as a meeting place, but will also (like the store) contribute to IDC's revenues.

The carpentry workshop is equipped with a planer (the photo to the right) and other joinery machines, as well as welding equipment. Most of these machines were previously located at the learning center in Ihushi, but were moved in 2016 in order to

make it possible for IDC's former vocational students to use the resources at the branch.

At the Kisesa Branch there is also a driving school, with a classroom for theoretical instruction and two vehicles for practical teaching. Pictured below is a happy driving school teacher, John Frimatus, prepared to welcome the young people who wish to acquire a license. Read more here, about the driving school.