The shop in Kisesa

In May 2013 IDC opened a store on the outskirts of the township Kisesa, on the main road between Mwanza and Musoma. In the shop IDC sells goods manufactured at the vocational school, including school uniforms, fabric bags, dresses and furniture, but also hings produced by the women's groups, including fuel-efficient cookstoves and batik fabrics. IDC also sell other goods related to their own activities, for instance building materials (such as cement, iron sheets and rebar). The shop is an important part of IDC's striving for financial independence (read more).

Former sewing students who don't have any place to work, can – as a temporary solution – use some space in the shop.

Anna-Greta Misaraba is the shopkeeper who sometimes deals with cement bags, sometimes with solar lanterns, sometimes with fabric bags... It puts great demands, but she is very familiar with IDC's activities, she is one of those who have worked at IDC since its start in 1999.