Well-equipped learning centre

IDC's learning centre in Ihushi has gradually been expanded and strengthened with equipment of various kinds. For example, a meeting hall was built in 2004, which is used both for IDC's own seminars and other organisations' meetings and courses.

The meeting hall was equipped with solar panels for lighting, TV, DVD player, etc. A few years later the electrical system was expanded, with more solar panels and a diesel generator, in order to install electricity in all the buildings at the centre, including a new carpentry workshop with electric machines. Then it became possible to invest also in a room for computer training.

Now there are ten different buildings at the center: the vocational school (with theory classrooms, rooms for needlework, a carpentry workshop and staff rooms), the preschool, a school kitchen and a guest house, the meeting hall with offices, a café and a shop, and a "business centre" with

photocopying facilities and a computer room. IDC also has two vehicles, a pickup and a truck.

This means that IDC's learning centre is well-

equipped to take on new challenges to keep pace with new needs being prioritised by the