Most people in Ihushi are farmers 

In Ihushi most people are farmers. Rice is the main crop, but people also grow maize, millet, cassava, sweet potatoes and various vegetables. Livestock is common: cows and goats are kept for milk and meat, and oxen are used as draft animals.

Consequently, agriculture is crucial to the villagers' economy, but the vast majority of households also have additional income from activities such as house repairs, road construction and running shops and caf├ęs, etc. In recent years, these additional revenues have become increasingly important as the farming has yielded less due to prolonged droughts. For example, there has not been a normal harvest of rice for years.

Ihushi is located in northern Tanzania, in Magu District, close to Lake Victoria. Ihushi and three other villages, Sese, Matale and Busekwa, form a "ward" called Bujashi Ward. Bujashi Ward has a total of 14,500 inhabitants. Ihushi Development Centre (IDC) has activities in these four villages of Bujashi.